Promoting Compliance Management

No matter how successful or strongly performing a company may be, it will be unable to continue corporate activities within society if it does not practice good compliance. Therefore, as a global pharmaceutical company, the Daiichi Sankyo Group practices management founded on compliance.

Basic Policy

At the Daiichi Sankyo Group, we define integrity as one of our Core Values. We have therefore positioned compliance as the standard we use in making decisions and value judgments. In conducting our global business operations, we remain compliant with all relevant laws and regulations and conduct compliance management with a strong focus on ensuring the highest level of ethics and social consciousness, which is essential for a life science-oriented company.
To guide us in these efforts, we have established the Daiichi Sankyo Group Corporate Conduct Charter (Charter) and the Daiichi Sankyo Group Individual Conduct Principles (ICP), which are applied throughout our operations. Based on the essence of the Charter and the ICP, the Company and other Group companies have developed compliance conduct standards appropriate to their respective regions and social requirements. Awareness regarding these standards is being entrenched among all executive officers and employees.

CSR Highlights

How we address CSR issues

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